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LodeRail Specifications
Capacity: Up to 4,000 lbs.
Width: To 34 feet
Length: As required
Height: To 17 feet
It's Revolutionary
Pre-engineered yet versatile
Self-supporting yet rigid
Seismic designed
Ergonomic benefits
High productivity
High resale value
Smooth Rolling Trolleys
The hoist trolleys, with load bar, provide the means for suspending the hoist. Wheels are tapered to match the taper of the track, reducing rolling resistance. Wheel bearings are sealed and lubricated for life. Trolleys are designed to operate in temperatures from +5 F to 200 F.
Festoon Electrification
Festoon 4-wheel trolleys are standard for supporting flat cable or air hose along the length of runway and bridge. Air hose trolleys have swivel type support saddles.
Free Moving End Trucks
Our bridge girder floats free in one end truck and the other is firmly clamped, allowing for any slight misalignment of the runway tracks. The trucks also have two horizontal wheels that center the truck within the track to prevent binding of the bridge. Wheels are tapered to match the taper of the track which reduces rolling resistance. Wheel bearings are sealed and lubricated for life
Rigid Runways
Unique rigid seismic designed runway connection provides a much superior track suspension system than a flexible type suspension, for accurately moving and positioning loads.
Enclosed Steel Track
Our unique track is high in strength and low in weight. The inner rolling surface stays clean, providing lower rolling resistance and reduces the wear on the wheels of the trolleys and end trucks.
It's LodeRail
A manually operated floor supported work area crane available with manual, electric, or air powered hoisting unit configured for your work area.
Earthquake Resistant
LodeRail meets all the stringent requirements of the Uniform Building Code, Seismic Zone 4 which covers the most severe earthquake prone areas in the United States. Your LodeRail can take whatever your application requires or nature imposes.
Entirely Self-Supporting
While others provide similar products, the LodeRail is the only true self-supporting crane system of its kind in the market today. You don't need any X-bracing, building tie backs or kickers for any configuration.
Ergonomically Justified
OSHA will soon introduce a new set of National Ergonomic Standards.
Reduce injuries while increasing productivity with less effort. You can manually move your load on LodeRail with a 100:1 productivity ratio, e.g., an operator can start a 500 pound load moving with 5 pounds of force. Over 100 billion dollars is paid annually by USA employers in direct and indirect workers' compensation claims. Lower costs for workers' compensation and higher productivity translate into increased profits.

LodeRail: Economical, Efficient
Increased Floor Space
Complete hook coverage under the crane reduces the need for vehicle traffic, increasing valuable floor space for production.
Lower labor costs
One person with a crane can precisely position and assemble parts more efficiently and safely than three men using a forklift.
LodeRail: A Simple Solution
Easy to install
Installation can usually be done with your own crew. Frames bolt directly to most floors.
Easy to order
Our pre-engineered standard components make ordering easy and deliveries fast.
Easy to extend or relocate
Unique all bolted construction and modular design makes it easy to add sections or to disassemble and relocate.
A Complete System
Your LodeRail crane is a complete system. You get the runway structure, runway rails, festoon for the bridge and runway, trolleys and even the bolts for the floor. Color is yellow for the bridges, runways and frames.
Also Available
Ceiling mounted systems and powered cranes for special applications.
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