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Hoist Selection

This page explains some of the selection criteria for hoists and trolleys.

After matching the crane to your application, the next step is to choose a compatible hoist and trolley. When selecting a hoist/trolley combination, considerations include:

  • Capacity -- Hoist and Trolley capacity cannot exceed the rated load of the crane. Apart from CMAA and ANSI requirements, the trolley might not even fit on the beam.
  • Trolley Type -- Manual or Powered?
    • Powered types include Electric, Air, and Hydraulic. You may also decide on the type of pendant or remote you want. These power options are discussed in the links below.
  • Hoist Type -- Manual or Powered?
    • As with trolleys, you have a wide range of options for power types.

Why Powered Hoists?

Apart from saving manual effort, the powered options may be much quicker. Where it can take minutes to raise a load with a geared manual hoist, this can be seconds with a powered version. Still, extreme speed may not be possible or desired with some loads. Nonetheless, you may need a powered hoist even with intermittent use. Cranes take up valuable floor space and may prevent other traffic from moving on the shop floor. You want to lift and leave.

Answering Fit Questions

Capacity and speed are just two selection choices. You may also have to decide what an appropriate trolley height is. The height under beam may move the selection to a low-overhead design. Or you may have a long drop, as with a crane mounted over a pit. Or the crane may be used to raise an air-conditioner from ground level to a multi-story roof. Each of these scenarios yields a different set of choices. The experts at Arrow CraneHoist can answer all these questions.

Inside or Outside?

Equipment for outdoor use may have to be weatherproofed. Depending on the hoist and trolley types (powered, manual, electric, hydraulic, etc.) you will likely need a different set of protective precautions to ensure a longer service life. Consult with our sales staff to get the best methods to ensure uninterrupted performance.

Source: B E Wallace

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